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Meeting Notices for Village Council & Boards
Village Sale of Property: List of Items and Photos
Marvin Looks to Update Key Intersections
Marvin Ridge High School Women's Swimming Diving Teams won the State 3A Champtionship
Marvin Ridge High School Men's & Women's Indoor
Track Teams won the State 3A Championship
Marvin Ridge Boys Golf Team placed second in
the State Championships
Marvin Ridge High School Men's Soccer Team was
chosen as the #1 Soccer Team in the United States!
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Meeting Records
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  • North Carolina Lighthouse
  • Marvin Equestrian Farm in Fall
  • Marvin Mare & Colt
  • WildFields of Marvin
  • Marvin Methodist Church
  • Marvin Equestrian Farm
  • Six Mile Creek
  • Banks Presbyterian Church
  • Dogwoods in Marvin
  • Carolina Box Turtle
  • Marvin Efird Park
  • Marvin Efird Oak Trees
  • Banks Church in Spring
  • Native Birds in Marvin
  • Marvin in Winter
  • Marvin Efird Park
  • Marvin Native Wood Ducks
  • Wildfields in Marvin
  • Marvin Native Butterflies
  • Firethorne Country Club
  • MARES 2007
  • Marvin Efird Trails
  • Marvin Equestrian Farm
  • Marvin Wild Flowers
  • Deer Grandfather Mountain _ Kolin Toney
  • Marvin Equestrian Farm
  • Marvin's Native Birds
  • Six Mile Creek
  • Marvin's Native Mushrooms
  • Marvin Efird Park
  • Marvin Wild Fields
  • Marvin Mare and Colt
  • Marvin Firethorne Golf Course
  • Carolina Chickadee
  • Marvin Efird Park
  • Marvin Efird Park
  • Marvin horse fence 3 Crop
The Village of Marvin
Why is Marvin Rated One of the
Best Places to Live Near Charlotte?
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What's Happening:
Recent News:
The Village of Marvin shall maintain our small town ambiance through continual preservation of our open space and historic roots. We will foster connectivity within the community through Village-wide at activities, greenways, recreation and branding which expresses the values of our community.