High School Athletic News!

Posted by Melody Thursday, November 12, 2015 3:27:00 PM

Marvin Ridge HS Football won the conference game against Weddington HS.  This put Marvin Ridge in first place in the Conference and Weddington in second place!  Congratulations to both teams!

Weddington Men's Soccer won the conference game against Marvin Ridge HS.  This put Weddington in first place and MRHS in second place.  What an exciting season!

The Marvin Ridge Women's Tennis Team are the State Champs!  The Men's Tennis Team took the State Championship Title back in the spring.  What an accomplishment for the tennis program at MRHS - both teams winning the State Championship in the same calendar year!  

The Village of Marvin salutes all of our high school athletes, at all three high schools, on their great seasons!