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Village Council Special Called Meeting__June 1, 2020 2 pm
Posted by Barbie Friday, May 29, 2020 5:18:00 PM

Mayor Pollino has called for a Special Meeting to be held on Monday, June 1, 2020, at 2 pm in the Village Hall (10004 New Town Road).
The purpose is to hold a Special Called Meeting to discuss and take possible action on the appointment of the Council Vacant Seat.

Click on the link to review the 2020-06-01 Village Council Special Called Meeting Agenda for his meeting.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this notice.

Thank you,

Barbie Blackwell, NCCMC
Clerk, Village of Marvin

This notice is issued on this 29th day of  May 2020 pursuant to the laws of the NCGS 143-318.12(a)(b). Contact the Village Clerk at (980) 293.5190 for additional information.


Posted by Barbie Friday, May 29, 2020 5:16:00 PM

May 29, 2020

A letter from the Mayor of Marvin to all residents:
It has come to the attention of all council members and myself that an effort to petition the recent charter change amendment voted on recently by the current council is underway.  We respect the rights of individuals who want to challenge this change however I would be remiss to not respond in a timely manner.  As your Mayor I have chosen not to be on any personal social media platforms to address any town concerns.  I do not feel these are the proper venues to address our town issues.  I would hope you would take a few minutes to read my official response to this petition challenge that you may have recently received.
Over the past 7 years as your Mayor I have had the privilege to serve this community and was recently humbled again by your vote to have me continue in this role as a ‘write in’ candidate even though I was not on the ballot.  Over the past few years I have also witnessed a great deal of efforts by a few citizens to create a division within our community.  They have done this by spreading false propaganda along with personal attacks.  These attacks were aimed at those of us on Village Council and or Village Boards.  I am convinced that I, along with many of your current new council members, chose to live in this community for many of the same reasons you have.  These recent charter changes have been voted on to only improve our community and to keep Marvin the special place it has always been.
In regards to the charter change it has been suggested that the current council is taking advantage of the current Covid-19 situation to get this passed and that could be nothing further than the truth.  The charter changes were discussed and put in place in February of this year by the newly elected council.  These issues were on the agenda well before the Covid-19 pandemic became an issue. In keeping with being transparent on all matters, your new council members are also adding weekly office hours.  We hope you will take the opportunity to engage with your local officials on any matters and to get the real facts on what is happening in your Village.  
In short, regardless of what you may have heard from groups or individuals, the first part of the charter change addresses the form of government from Mayor-Council to Council-Manager.  This essentially will remove the ability of council members including the Mayor on hiring or firing of staff members that currently work for the Village of Marvin.  We, as a council, felt it was unfair to employees to essentially serve five managers, (the Mayor and four council members), and have to worry about their employment every two years when an election was held.  For years our past administrators have never had an employment contract with the Village of Marvin until now.  Our former Administrator, Christina Amos, will now serve as your Town Manager.  She has done a tremendous job in the short time she has been here.
We as a council believe that we need to create an environment that will keep good employees and not have the turnover we have experienced in the past.  All employees of the Village will report to the Town Manager going forward.  This charter change, if not successfully challenged and rescinded will be in effect for a minimum of two years.  Any future council members will have the opportunity to change this charter back after two years.  Currently 88% of towns or municipalities of our size in North Carolina operate under this form of government. 
The second charter change relates to the Mayor being allowed to vote on all matters.  This was actually brought up to a vote by a former councilmember who had recently served on the board.  Our Village was initially set up to have four council members vote and the Mayor only voting on 2-2 split decisions.  The Mayor was also allowed to vote on any appointments.  (Note; That right to vote on appointments was removed about two years ago by former council members for reasons not clear).  There are many reasons why having the Mayor vote on all issues makes sense especially with what we experienced this last year. 
Currently our NC state statute allows meetings to be held with a minimum of three members of council out of five to have a quorum.  As a minimum, that could include three council members or two council members and the Mayor.  With the Mayor not being able to vote, the Village would need three council members present at all meetings to vote on any financial matters.  This was a concern this past year when a councilmember had missed 18 consecutive meetings and had not responded to any staff members, council members, nor did he vote on any Village matters over the last year!  He was paid his full stipend during that time.  With one councilmember a ‘no show’ we also had another member of council facing serious medical issues and his attendance unfortunately was many times limited.  This was because of treatments that conflicted with our scheduled meetings, or how he happened to be feeling that particular day.  This left village meetings at times with a quorum of two council members and the Mayor but we needed three votes for any financial matters to be passed. 
I am happy to report to the community that the former councilmember who was dealing with medical issues is doing well.  I’d also like to inform our constituents that the councilmember who had missed 18 meetings over the last year was recently removed on a 3-0 vote.   We are currently searching for his replacement.  We have also put in place new rules going forward where stipends will not be paid out to councilmembers with unexcused absences from scheduled meetings.
A few final thoughts about the Mayor being allowed to vote with this charter change.  This is not about a power grab as some have suggested.  It takes three votes to get anything passed currently.  That could be three council members or two council members and the Mayor.  Going forward wouldn’t you want to know how the Mayor votes or has voted in the past so you can make informed decisions going forward in future elections?  The Mayor’s position should be held accountable.  In this current and sometimes divisive climate, if we found ourselves with a 2-2 split council where the Mayor was not allowed to vote, council members going forward could essentially protest new elections if they didn’t get their majority by not showing up to meetings thus putting the Village in a difficult situation where nothing would get done.  
I appreciate your thoughtful consideration on this petition.  If you have already signed the petition and now want to remove your name please contact our staff.  If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to call or email me or contact our Town Manager, Christina Amos at
Joe Pollino
Village of Marvin, Mayor
Cell: (980)328-1280


PUBLIC NOTICE_Official Village of Marvin Information 

FAQ on Village Charter Change
Posted by Barbie Thursday, May 28, 2020 6:20:00 PM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                              05/28/2020


Christina Amos

(704) 627-2020


Village Charter Change FAQ

Q: What exactly are the changes that are being made to the Village Charter?

A: There are two changes being proposed to the Charter:    

1) Form of Government: Changing from Council-Mayor form of Government to a Council-Manager form of Government (see second page for more detail on this).

2) Mayoral Vote: Changing to allow the Mayor to vote on only matters that involve a tie-vote to allowing the Mayor to vote on ALL items.

The Village of Marvin has and will continue to operate with non-partisan elections. No changes being proposed would impact decisions on a partisan basis.

Q: How long have these changes been discussed? Was this a rushed decision?

A: The Village Council that was elected into office in November of 2019 began publicly discussing this item in early February. In order to maintain transparency, Council assured charter changes being proposed were clearly stated in all public meeting notices. Timeline of decision as follows:

February 7, 2020: Discussion of concept of changes during retreat idea.

February 27, 2020: Discussion of both changes openly discussed and advertised as a meeting topic.

March 10, 2020: Resolution of Intent to Change Charter; no public comments.

April 7, 2020 Public Hearing to consider comments for or against proposed changes; no public comments.

May 12, 2020: Adoption of the Ordinances to Amend Charter.

Q: How common is the proposed form of government in North Carolina? Will it be unusual to change?

A: Over 88% of municipalities in NC with a population size of 5,000-10,000 comparable to the Village of Marvin (population 7,000) have a Manager-Council form. [1] No, it would be unusual NOT to change; Marvin is one of only seven municipalities within this population range that still have the Mayor-Council form of government. As populations/services grow, its common to see a change in governmental form to better adapt to needs.

[1] Source: Nelson, Kimberly. 2020. “NC Cities 500 to 10K.” NCLM.

Q: Has the Charter been changed before without a referendum?

A: Yes, it was changed in August of 2016 and April 2017 to allow the Mayor to be elected by the people and to reduce his/her term from 4 years to 2 years without a referendum.

Q: Are Charter changes permanent?

A: No. Charter changes are common in government; it’s not uncommon to see changes as elected bodies and organizational needs change. Charters can be re-amended if they do not work out as intended within two years after the beginning of the term of the office of the officers elected.

Q: What are benefits for a Manager-Council Form of Government over a Mayor-Council Form of Government? 

A: There are pros and cons for both forms and it really depends on the need of the community and organization itself. The biggest factor to consider is how elections impact municipal administration in order for residents to assure continuity of operations and projects. According to the North Carolina League of Municipalities and the UNC School of Government (both professional governmental organizations), the following bullet points are general considerations for both:

Mayor-Council form (the Village’s current form)

  • Generally, these forms of government are for smaller organizations where the Mayor is typically used to carry out day to day tasks because there are very few services, staff, or citizens. All staff in this form work directly for the board (not the person that is monitoring their day to day activities). These employees can be subject to small town politics because of the lack of separation between their direct reports and the political environment; this environment can create angst, instability, and high turnover during election years and an atmosphere for unclear direction and oversight at times.

Manager-Council Form of Government (proposed form)

  • A professional/educated manager, removed from politics, often with a higher degree and more relevant experience compared to Mayor is selected by the elected body and responsible for daily operations including oversight of all employees who he/she is directly monitoring daily. This clear supervision allows more neutrality, clear direction, and effectiveness in operations. This form is extremely common in municipalities over 5,000 in population as it offers more stability, professionalism, and consistency. The Manager is usually a member of a highly ethical association such as the International City/Council Managers Association and are bound and monitored by a strict code of ethics.

Q: Would oversight and transparency be reduced with the proposed changes including the Mayoral vote?  

A: There are no changes that would elude transparency of the public. Personnel decisions would be a change that would not be under direct authority of the board; however, personnel decisions are still subject to public inspection shall anyone desire to question any decisions. Citizens would simply complete a public records request and any public information will be handed over. All meetings and deliberations about policy will be conducted in open public meetings as they are now.

The Council sees the change in allowing the Mayoral vote a way to streamline decisions and to promote greater transparency. The opinions and stance of issues of the Mayor would be clearly transparent and instead of promoting a system that would attempt decisions outside of public meetings; this Council believes this is better for constituents and should promote greater accountability amongst those in office and if it does not work as intended, it can be changed back in 2 years.






PUBLIC NOTICE_Official Village of Marvin Information 

Posted by Barbie Thursday, May 28, 2020 4:19:00 PM

Good Afternoon All,
We have been informed by NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT), the proposed round-about (traffic circle) at New Town Road and Marvin Road which has been scheduled for construction in 2021 has now been pushed back to 2022 due to State budget issues. We have been in close communication with representatives at NCDOT and continue to work with local partners at our regional transportation organization. The Village of Marvin knows this is a necessary project within the community to reduce traffic congestion and ease flow during peak times and will exhaust all efforts possible before we accept a 2 year delay; however,  this is an NCDOT project and the Village has very little control over the timeline and scheduling unfortunately. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out the NCDOT representatives below:
Epperson, Sean M
Preslar, Travis J
If I could answer any questions or concerns you may have, please contact me at the number or email below.
Christina Amos
Village Administrator
10004 New Town Road
Marvin, NC 28173
(704) 843-1680

PUBLIC NOTICE_Holiday Closure 

Posted by Barbie Friday, May 22, 2020 1:28:00 PM

Dear Residents,

The Village Office will be closed on Monday, May 25th in observance of Memorial Day.

We hope you and your family have a happy and safe holiday!


Thank you.

Village Staff


Posted by Barbie Thursday, May 14, 2020 9:41:00 AM

On May 12, 2020, the Village Council voted to extend the deadline date for accepting applications for the Council Vacant Seat. The new deadline for submitting applications 12 noon on May 22, 2020.  If interested, please complete and return the forms below to the Village Clerk, by email: or by mail: Village of Marvin, 10004 New Town Road, Marvin, NC 28173: 

Village Council Application
Statement of Economic Interest Form
Code of Ethics Form

Village Center District and Other Land-Use FAQ 

Posted by Barbie Wednesday, May 13, 2020 10:08:00 PM







FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                              05/12/2020


Christina Amos

(704) 627-2020



Village Center District and Other Land-Use FAQ

Q: What is or will be the location of the Village Center District?

A: The Village Center District may be located in the stretch of New Town Road between Marvin Road and Marvin School Road. The exact boundary and properties to be included is still in discussion by Planning Board.


Q: Is the Village Center supported by Marvin residents?

A: Yes, in a community-wide survey conducted in 2019, 54% of households supported the Village Center District while 35% opposed and 11% responded undecided.


Q: What allowable uses will be along this corridor? Will Big Box Stores be allowed?

A: The district’s uses and zoning have not been adopted, but the vision currently includes only small stores and uses such as: Restaurants (but not drive thrus), Cafes, Small Specialty Stores, Personal Services (e.g. barber, postal, bank), and Offices (e.g. real estate, insurance).

The district may primarily allow small stores and is not considering any anchor stores or big box stores at this time. Types of businesses are still at the general discussion level in the Planning Board and have not yet been discussed by Council.


Q: Has there been any officially approved zoning maps on the proposed district?

A: No. The district has not been adopted and is only in the visioning stage at this time.


Q: Is there a current plan to have a brew pub on the Village of Marvin owned property? What happened to the plan for the new Village Hall?

A: No. A brew pub on the Village of Marvin (VOM) property has never been proposed or discussed by any board. Due to the Village Hall cost coming in at $1M greater than expected, the Village Council is still considering the original site and other sites and options for the Village Hall.


Q: Is there $750,000 budgeted for the Village Center District in the upcoming budget?

A: No. There is $15,000 budgeted for a consultant to assess the feasibility of the district.


Q: What steps remain in the creation of the Village Center District? What is the anticipated timeline?


A: Currently, there is not a Village Center District; the proposed district is only at the visioning stage in the Planning Board at this time. Before the district even begins development, the zoning district must be created and adopted, the properties must be rezoned, and other foundations must be established. Several months remain at the Planning Board level where various factors of the district (such as, but not limited to boundaries, buffers, landscaping, uses, density, architecture, etc.) will be assessed, then recommended to the Village Council for consideration. Estimated timeline for Planning Board recommendation is late summer/fall of 2020. Simultaneously, feasibility studies will be conducted by outside consultants to coincide with recommendations made to Council. After a thoroughly studied plan is created, the Council will then review all analyses and recommendations by the Planning Board and adopt the district. This is projected mid-2021. There will be several opportunities for public input during these processes.


Q: What is the Planning Board, and what is their role in the Village Center project?

A: The Planning Board is an advisory board to the Council, consisting of appointed residents. Their role is to consider the details of planning projects and activities and provide their recommendations to the Council. The Planning Board itself does not make any decisions; they only make recommendations to Council. Village Council must make all ultimate decisions.


Q: What is the Land Use Plan, and what is the 2050 Comprehensive Plan? What is our current progress on those plans?

A: The Land Use Plan is a general guiding document that provides the background, goals, and vision for Marvin, as well as actions that can be taken to achieve those goals. The Land Use Plan is not regulation, but it does influence ordinances, many decisions made by Council, and also will significantly guide the creation of the Village Center District. The 2050 Comprehensive Plan is a more fine-grained vision for the future, which details what the build-out of the Marvin area may look like in 2050.

The bulk of text of the Land Use Plan has been completed, having been significantly influenced by the 2019 Resident Survey, and will be sent to Council after a last review at the next Planning Board meeting. The Council will review the Land Use Plan text and return to the Planning Board with comments in June. Then the Planning Board will review the Council comments, a growth analysis conducted by CCOG, and updated maps and demographic information in July, and then return the final draft of the Land Use Plan to the council for their approval. Also during this time, the Planning Board will hold a public input workshop on the Village Center District. This will be dependent on the timeline of lifting COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, and the project timeline will be adjusted accordingly. In the current projection, the Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Plan will be adopted in late Fall of 2020.

PUBLIC NOTICE_Village Council__Where to Get Official Village of Marvin Information 

Posted by Barbie Wednesday, May 13, 2020 2:46:00 PM
Where to Get Official Village of Marvin Information:

The Village of Marvin is aware of information circulating on social media that may have citizens concerned. The Village Council wants all citizens to be aware transparency is of the utmost importance and all attempts to communicate actions and deliberations of the board remain a top priority. All Council Meeting agendas are posted on the Village’s website and emailed out to all residents on the “Resident’s List” (link provided below). If you have questions about a topic of discussion that may be circulating, please check the Village’s website at: in the “Latest News” Section which is updated frequently or review the Council agenda packets for upcoming discussions (link provided below).

Check sources of information you receive to determine validity; please contact a Village of Marvin employee or Councilmember to assure you are receiving accurate information when in doubt. We are here to help and provide as much transparent and clear information as possible. Emails sent from;; or are official emails from the Village of Marvin.

Bookmark These Pages:

Resident List Sign up:

Council Agendas/Minutes:

Meeting Recordings:

Council Meeting Schedule:

PUBLIC NOTICE__Park Re-Opening Announcement 

Posted by Barbie Wednesday, May 6, 2020 2:16:00 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT:  Marvin Efird Park Re-Opening

In Accordance with the Governor’s Plan to re-open facilities, Marvin Efird Park will Re-Open on Saturday, May 9, 2020. There will be a few changes during this Phase.

Please review the following list and familiarize yourself with the changes:

  • Modified Hours:  8 am – 7 pm each day (until further notice).
  • Playground and Bathrooms will remain closed.
  • All other facilities including the Community Gardens, Walking Trail and open green space will be open.
  • Trail use will be in one direction only. Patrons are asked to walk in a Counter Clock wise fashion. Signs will be posted assisting in this. Please see the attached map for further explanation.
  • The Barn will be open to the public for General Use.
  • There will be no Barn Rentals at this time.
  • Social Distancing of 6-feet is strongly encouraged both in the parking areas and the open greenspace.
  • Patrons are asked to limit group sizes to 10 or less.

If you have any questions, please email the Park Manager at



PUBLIC NOTICE__Village of Marvin Response to Marvin Gardens Noise Complaints 

Posted by Barbie Monday, May 4, 2020 1:30:00 PM

Village of Marvin Response to Marvin Gardens Noise Complaints

We have received several noise complaints about the night construction going on with the development of Marvin Gardens (Publix) at the corner of New Town Road and Providence Road (NC 16), and understand this is an issue of great concern. Since this issue has come up, staff has been communicating with the developer and actively reviewing enforcement of the Village’s noise ordinance; however, it has been determined the noise emanated from the site is from road work being done as a result of NCDOT requirements.

After much correspondence and research, we have discovered that Marvin has very limited control of the NCDOT regulations in this project. For work on any NCDOT road that has a daily traffic count of 10,000 vehicles or more AND where any work is being conducted five (5) feet within the roadway, NCDOT requires a lane closure AND the work must be done at night. In a nutshell, NCDOT is requiring a lane closure for the road widening phase of the Marvin Gardens project, which will result in a night work requirement. Due to the current “Stay-at-Home” Orders, we have asked NCDOT to make some provisions; however, the traffic count is still over the 10,000 vehicles per day limit which does not allow provisions to be made for this project. NCDOT typically starts night work at 9 pm and they have allowed a start time of 7 pm during this time of the COVID crisis. We will continue to discuss with NCDOT to find any other resolutions to this matter.

After hearing many resident complaints about construction noise at night, we were able to convince NCDOT to allow the Marvin Gardens’ developers to do the road work on New Town Road in the daytime, with careful traffic mitigation. Work on Providence Road will still commence at night, but it is much farther away from houses and we think this will not be an issue.

The Village is able to address noise issues emanated from the site internally, but any issues with noise associated with the aforementioned roadwork must be communicated to NCDOT at 704-218-5100. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.


Christina Amos, Village Administrator

(704) 627-2020

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