Marvin Ranked Top Ten Happiest Places in NC

Posted by Melody Monday, May 2, 2016 3:57:00 PM


Zippia, a career guidance website, has ranked Marvin as one of the top ten happiest places in North Carolina (See rankings here).  Marvin ranks #7.  Zippia reports:

There’s a search that we are all on that dwarfs our job or career search — the search for happiness.  And as we all know, where we live and the job we have can all play a big part in our overall sense of contentment and happiness. For that reason, we took a dive into the most recent census data to help you identify which places in the United States have the biggest smile of them all.  On our happy data journey, we settled on seven criteria to help determine which U.S. places are the happiest. The criteria include things like having insurance, owning a home, and having a job.

There’s a bunch of different studies out there that try to measure what makes people truly happy. And while we all know that money doesn’t buy happiness, it definitely removes anxieties and helps keep you healthy. It’s just that anything past about $70,000 a year doesn’t help as much.  So what else besides money contributes to your happiness? Well we think the following certainly do:

  • Being well educated (Population with at least a bachelor’s degree)
  • Having a job (As measured by the unemployment rate)
  • A short commute to work (God do people hate traffic)
  • Low cost of living
  • Having a family (Getting, and staying married, has a ton of happiness benefits, on average)
  • Owning a home (That’s a big plus)
  • And the poverty rate (Money definitely helps out)

That’s a ton of fun — and happiness — for the whole family, backed by science. The data all comes from the 2010-2014 American Community Survey.  After we decided on the criteria, we gathered the data for the a total of 3,580 places in the Unites States with populations between 2,000-10,000 people.  We then ranked each place from one to 3,580 for each of the seven criteria with a score of one being the happiest.  Next, we averaged the seven rankings into a Happiness Index for each place with the lowest overall Index being crowned “Happiest Small Town in America”.