Marvin works to bring local roads into the 21st century

Monday, August 4, 2014 3:17:00 PM

Once upon a time Marvin was a land of farms and equestrian homesteads. Back then our roads made 
sense, for they were rarely used. Today we are bursting with trips to school, commutes to work, a run to 
the store, or just a struggle to be wherever we need to be. We have moved into the 21st century, our roads 
have not. 
Though our major thoroughfares are managed at a state level, the residents of Marvin are taking action. 
In the short run our deputy sheriff, Deputy Ed Swan, has begun directing traffic at the intersection of 
Marvin Road and New Town during the evening commute. The Marvin Village Council has authorized 
funds to hire off duty deputies to direct traffic at the Marvin School Road – New Town – Marvin 
Waxhaw Road intersection during the morning commute. The service of our deputies is not a permanent 
solution; they cannot replace actually upgrading our roads. However, their service to make our roads safer 
for everyone is greatly honored. 
The Village of Marvin is taking action to upgrade key intersections. Funds have been allocated to align 
Marvin School Road with Marvin Waxhaw Road, making that intersection a four way signalized 
intersection. The Village is nearly ready to break ground on the alignment; the intersection would be built 
by NCDOT where funding has fallen short for that part of the project. The Village is working with 
NCDOT and the State to have the intersection funded. 
The Village has retained a consultant to develop conceptual plans and cost estimates to replace the 
antiquated intersection at Marvin Road and New Town with a roundabout. The roundabout would serve 
two purposes; one is to make the traffic move more smoothly. The other purpose is to slow people down. 
We would like to leave the races to the horses. 
Conceptual plans and cost estimates are being developed to replace the dangerous curved merging of 
Marvin-Waxhaw Road at Bonds Grove Church Road with a straight “T” intersection. We want to get rid 
of the blind curve that lies just before the merging of the two roads.
The projects are big for a Village of just 6,700 residents. We plan to provide funding to the extent that 
our budget allows. We are working closely with developers that will develop land near these roads, 
seeking funding support from them for these critical transportation needs. Finally, we need help from the 
State. We all use these roads; the residents of Marvin and our neighbors alike. 
When you see the Marvin Deputy directing traffic, take a break from the peddle and give him some room. 
Driving on our roads is scary enough; imagine standing on the road in rush hour wearing an orange vest 
just to keep us all safe. And call NCDOT and your representative in Raleigh. We will do our part; can 
they help?