Memo To Residents

Posted by Barbie Thursday, September 13, 2018 1:53:00 PM

RE: Hurricane Florence

Greetings Village Residents,

As we all prepare to take a hit from Hurricane Florence, please take time to read this urgent message as you may need this information later. Union County and the Village of Marvin have declared a State of Emergency; no major prohibitions have been set forth at this time, but we will update you later if there are any changes. I hope by now everyone has taken the necessary steps to secure necessary food, water, medication, etc., protected property from damaging winds and flooding, and made adequate arrangements for animals.

Village staff, in cooperation with Union County, has been working diligently these last few days to ensure the safety of residents is maintained throughout this process. We will be expecting to see very heavy rains (possibly 8-10 inches) with isolated flooding, down trees and power lines that will be major threats; winds and rain will start to increase this afternoon into tonight.

Tips to Consider:

  • There are areas prone to minor and major flooding, please stay off the roads and do NOT go around barricades if a road is blocked off.
  • If you see flooding on a major roadway, please call 911 to report and help protect other commuters from drowning.
  • Make sure all recycling and trash receptacles are secured or in a garage.

Important Information

In the event of an emergency, call 911 or the Union County Emergency Operations Center at:

(704) 289-1591 (emergency only)

Non-emergency: (704) 283-3545

Download ReadyNC App on your smart phones for immediate access to weather and road conditions, reported power outages (and contacts), shelters, flood gauges and other important information. If you do not have a smart phone, please look at for the same information. Call 211 for needed information on shelters. Union County Power also has outage map here:

Marvin Effird Park will close Friday at noon and remain closed until staff can get out and assess damage on Monday. Village offices will be open on Monday unless otherwise decided over the weekend.

In the event the Village declares a State of Emergency, information will be posted on the Village website and emailed out to our residents list.

Declaration of State of Emergency

Stay safe!

Christina Alphin, Village Administrator