Message from Mayor Pollino...

Posted by Barbie Wednesday, July 11, 2018 10:43:00 AM

July 11, 2018

Now that the Village of Marvin has adopted the budget and we are operating again, I would like to take this opportunity to update all of the residents on the unusual events that have occurred since May 31, 2018.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Councilman Ron Salimao on his tireless service over the years for the Village of Marvin and wish him the very best on his future endeavors as he leaves Marvin and starts the next phase of his life in Charlotte.

The events that took place that evening are disturbing at best.  Not following proper Village of Marvin procedures is not being transparent to the community and that is something that the majority of Council has strived to accomplish.  Replacing a Councilperson, that has resigned, is a very important decision that must be fully contemplated as those who represent Marvin shape the future of Marvin.  It is important that we follow a process to identify interested people from our community that has so many talented and experienced citizens.  We must then make sure that these interested people submit their qualifications and are interviewed by all remaining Council members and the Mayor. Then, the candidate must be properly voted on by Council after this exhausting process. This is the same process we went through when Councilwoman Frazzini resigned and Councilman Epps was appointed from a pool of interested and very qualified candidates in 2016.

The budget was ready to be approved on May 25, 2018 with the Public Hearing held on May 31,2018. But for some unknown reason, both Councilman Epps and Councilman Salimao wanted to give the public 2 more weeks to look at the budget even though no one had spoken at the Public Hearing or come into the office to review it. Due to a preplanned and highly noted vacation during this timeframe, Mayor Pro Tern Dispenziere was not available for these meetings.  It seems that Councilman Epps and Councilman Salimao took advantage of this absence and promoted their own agenda. With Councilman Salimao's resignation, we were not able to have quorum at the June meetings where we would have approved the budget.  It is unfortunate that we had to incur a disruption of services during the first 10 days of July and hope that it did not impact you in any significant way. The good news is that the budget was approved last night, and we are back in action!

As far as the open Council seat is concerned, I would like to invite any interested citizen to contact the Village Clerk so that they can be involved in the process to bring the best candidate possible to replace Councilman Salimao's open seat.

I appreciate your patience as we strive to make the Village of Marvin better each and every day.

If you are interested in applying for the vacant Council seat, please fill out an application.