PUBLIC NOTICE_Village Council__Where to Get Official Village of Marvin Information

Posted by Barbie Wednesday, May 13, 2020 2:46:00 PM
Where to Get Official Village of Marvin Information:

The Village of Marvin is aware of information circulating on social media that may have citizens concerned. The Village Council wants all citizens to be aware transparency is of the utmost importance and all attempts to communicate actions and deliberations of the board remain a top priority. All Council Meeting agendas are posted on the Village’s website and emailed out to all residents on the “Resident’s List” (link provided below). If you have questions about a topic of discussion that may be circulating, please check the Village’s website at: in the “Latest News” Section which is updated frequently or review the Council agenda packets for upcoming discussions (link provided below).

Check sources of information you receive to determine validity; please contact a Village of Marvin employee or Councilmember to assure you are receiving accurate information when in doubt. We are here to help and provide as much transparent and clear information as possible. Emails sent from;; or are official emails from the Village of Marvin.

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