Village Center District and Other Land-Use FAQ

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Village Center District and Other Land-Use FAQ

Q: What is or will be the location of the Village Center District?

A: The Village Center District may be located in the stretch of New Town Road between Marvin Road and Marvin School Road. The exact boundary and properties to be included is still in discussion by Planning Board.


Q: Is the Village Center supported by Marvin residents?

A: Yes, in a community-wide survey conducted in 2019, 54% of households supported the Village Center District while 35% opposed and 11% responded undecided.


Q: What allowable uses will be along this corridor? Will Big Box Stores be allowed?

A: The district’s uses and zoning have not been adopted, but the vision currently includes only small stores and uses such as: Restaurants (but not drive thrus), Cafes, Small Specialty Stores, Personal Services (e.g. barber, postal, bank), and Offices (e.g. real estate, insurance).

The district may primarily allow small stores and is not considering any anchor stores or big box stores at this time. Types of businesses are still at the general discussion level in the Planning Board and have not yet been discussed by Council.


Q: Has there been any officially approved zoning maps on the proposed district?

A: No. The district has not been adopted and is only in the visioning stage at this time.


Q: Is there a current plan to have a brew pub on the Village of Marvin owned property? What happened to the plan for the new Village Hall?

A: No. A brew pub on the Village of Marvin (VOM) property has never been proposed or discussed by any board. Due to the Village Hall cost coming in at $1M greater than expected, the Village Council is still considering the original site and other sites and options for the Village Hall.


Q: Is there $750,000 budgeted for the Village Center District in the upcoming budget?

A: No. There is $15,000 budgeted for a consultant to assess the feasibility of the district.


Q: What steps remain in the creation of the Village Center District? What is the anticipated timeline?


A: Currently, there is not a Village Center District; the proposed district is only at the visioning stage in the Planning Board at this time. Before the district even begins development, the zoning district must be created and adopted, the properties must be rezoned, and other foundations must be established. Several months remain at the Planning Board level where various factors of the district (such as, but not limited to boundaries, buffers, landscaping, uses, density, architecture, etc.) will be assessed, then recommended to the Village Council for consideration. Estimated timeline for Planning Board recommendation is late summer/fall of 2020. Simultaneously, feasibility studies will be conducted by outside consultants to coincide with recommendations made to Council. After a thoroughly studied plan is created, the Council will then review all analyses and recommendations by the Planning Board and adopt the district. This is projected mid-2021. There will be several opportunities for public input during these processes.


Q: What is the Planning Board, and what is their role in the Village Center project?

A: The Planning Board is an advisory board to the Council, consisting of appointed residents. Their role is to consider the details of planning projects and activities and provide their recommendations to the Council. The Planning Board itself does not make any decisions; they only make recommendations to Council. Village Council must make all ultimate decisions.


Q: What is the Land Use Plan, and what is the 2050 Comprehensive Plan? What is our current progress on those plans?

A: The Land Use Plan is a general guiding document that provides the background, goals, and vision for Marvin, as well as actions that can be taken to achieve those goals. The Land Use Plan is not regulation, but it does influence ordinances, many decisions made by Council, and also will significantly guide the creation of the Village Center District. The 2050 Comprehensive Plan is a more fine-grained vision for the future, which details what the build-out of the Marvin area may look like in 2050.

The bulk of text of the Land Use Plan has been completed, having been significantly influenced by the 2019 Resident Survey, and will be sent to Council after a last review at the next Planning Board meeting. The Council will review the Land Use Plan text and return to the Planning Board with comments in June. Then the Planning Board will review the Council comments, a growth analysis conducted by CCOG, and updated maps and demographic information in July, and then return the final draft of the Land Use Plan to the council for their approval. Also during this time, the Planning Board will hold a public input workshop on the Village Center District. This will be dependent on the timeline of lifting COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, and the project timeline will be adjusted accordingly. In the current projection, the Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Plan will be adopted in late Fall of 2020.