Village Council

Village Council Removes Robert Epps from Village Council.

A link to the Removal Order is here.

Village Council will not take any action on a replacement for thirty (30) days.



The Village of Marvin is accepting applications for the vacant seat of the Village Council held by former Councilman Robert Epps. The deadline for submitting applications is May 11, 2020.  If interested, please complete and return the Village Council Application, Statement of Economic Interest Form and Code of Ethics Form to the Village Clerk, by email:  or by mail: Village of Marvin, 10004 New Town Road, Marvin, NC 28173.

Village Council

                                          Mayor Joe Pollino                                                   Mayor Pro Tem Kim Vendenberg
                                              Term 2021                                                                Term 2021
VACANT COUNCIL SEAT                                 Councilman Bob Marcolese                 Councilman Jamie Lei                                                                                                                     
      Term 2021                                                           Term 2023                                            Term 2023

At Large Positions

Mayor Pollino  
Mayor Pro Tem Vandenberg
Liaison to PR&G Board

Council Mission Statement

  • We will strive to build strong relationships with all of our citizens and always remember that the role of government is to serve the people.  We will be open and transparent at all times.
  • We will cultivate our relationships with our constituency by embracing our core values: respect, integrity, tolerance and commitment to excellence.  With these core values in mind, we envision a government that is respectful to all citizens.
  • We envision a government that recognizes that the integrity of its reputation is paramount, that is tolerant, but will not tolerate disrespect or dishonorable actions.

Council Vision Statement

We envision the Village of Marvin to be a place that attracts residents by providing well-planned residential neighborhoods, open space for recreation, and promoting our historical roots while maintaining our small town community atmosphere.  We also want to grow responsibly within the Village’s sphere of influence while maintaining community identity.

Council Goals

  • Ordinances
Improve consistency
Ensure Compliance
  • Village Hall Construction
Determine financial planning
Identity anchor for Village Center
Historic Village Center
  • Village Center District
        Develop and finalize supporting language for district
        Create zoning maps
        Involve key stakeholders
        Determine capacity to support center
  • Greenway Planning and Development
Prioritize greenway and loop development
Identify funding
Determine and plan for on-going maintenance needs
  • Land Use Plan
Finalize updating plan and maps
  • Communication
Dynamic website
Information push to community
Weekly Council hours
Meetings with Homeowners Associations
  • Branding
Recognizing Village Limits
Establishing Identity
Signage for Marvin roads, specifically implementing a Village branding program to identify streets and roads that are accepted and maintained by the Village
  • Service to Residents
In light of NCDOTs limited maintenance to subdivision streets and roads, the Village shall develop a plan to assume maintenance of subdivision streets and roads in order to protect homeowner’s values.
Subdivision road safety
Intersection road improvements – partnering with NCDOT
  • Land Acquisition
Protect open space where possible
Negotiate easements for connectivity where possible
  • Resources
Determine what is needed to accomplish goals
Consider personnel

General Council Information

The Village of Marvin is chartered as a Mayor-Council form of government and is governed by a Mayor and a four member Council. A nonpartisan election for Mayor is held every two years. Council elections are also nonpartisan and all seats are at-large. Council members are elected for four year terms. The terms are staggered.

The mission of the Council is to represent public interest, to promote efficient, courteous response to residents' concerns and to provide leadership and direction for the Village’s future and to ensure fiscal integrity of the Village.

Village Council meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall, although some meeting dates have been changed due to conflicts (see meeting schedule).  The public is invited to address the Council at every regular meeting for 3 minutes on any topic. A sign-up sheet is available prior to the regular meeting if you would like to address the board.

A Council work session is typically held the last Thursday of the month at 9 am at the Village Hall.