Documents & Forms


Marvin Village Council 2020 Meeting Schedule (Adopted  12.10.19) (Revised 1.14.2020, 2.27.2020, 3.10.2020, 4.7.2020)

Marvin Village Council 2021 Meeting Schedule (Adopted 11/10/20)

Planning Board 2020 Meeting Schedule (Adopted 12.17.19) (Revised 2/18/2020, 8/25/2020)

Planning Board 2021 Meeting Schedule (Adopted 10/20/20)

Parks, Recreation & Greenways 2020 Meeting Schedule (Adopted 12/3/19, Revised 9/1/2020) 

Parks, Recreation & Greenways 2021 Meeting Schedule (Adopted 10/6/20)

Website Committee 2020 Meeting Schedule (Revised 9/3/20)

Marvin Heritage District Strategic Plan Committee 2020 & 2021 Meeting Schedule (Adopted 10/8/20)

NC State 2020 Holiday Schedule observed by Village Hall Staff (12.10.19)


Council Application 

Advisory Board Application (revised 6.2020)

Employment Application

Fee Schedule (Revised and Adopted 7/14/20)


Code of Ordinances

Annexation Petition

Public Records Request (Adopted 10.08.19)

Proclamation 2020-05-01 Honoring ALL Marvin Graduates (Adopted 6/9/20)

Proclamation 2020-09-01 To Proclaim the Month of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Adopted 9/24/20)

Dataset of North Carolina Municipalities (Compiled by the UNC School of Government)

Proclamation 2020-10-01 To Honor the Life and Legacy of Mayor Nicholas Dispenziere (Adopted 10/29/20)

Aventon Development Sketch (NOT IN MARVIN, Off Providence Rd)

Resolution 2020-11-04 To Encourage Residents to Turn Off their Vehicles at Marvin-Area Schools

Proclamation 2020-12-01 To Honor the Life and Legacy of Mayor James Donald "Don" Kerr (Adopted 12/08/20)

2020 Santa Claus Parade Route

Aventon Site Plan (NOT IN MARVIN, Off Providence Rd)

Marvin Heritage District List of Allowable Commercial Uses Proposed by MHD Strategic Plan Committee