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Commercial Rezoning Process -  

Questions have been raised about the Commercial Rezoning Process in the Village of Marvin.  Click here for information.


A Providence Glen resident wrote in to ask about Coyotes in the neighborhood.  Click here for great information about Coyotes in North Carolina.

 Coyote Safety Tips -  

  • Never approach or touch a coyote.
  • Never approach a coyote den. 
  • Never feed coyotes or any wild animals directly or indirectly. 
  • Store trash in covered, heavy-duty animal-proof containers.
  • Remove thick brush and weeds around homes that may harbor rodents.
  • Do not leave cats and small dogs outside unattended. They could be an easy prey item for a coyote.
  • Fence off outside animal enclosures and include a top.
  • Maintain outdoor storage sheds in a manner that prevents animals from using them for cover.
  • Be a threat: Chase away coyotes when you see them.