Public Safety

Law Enforcement

The Village of Marvin hires off-duty law enforcement from Union County Sheriff’s Office to help control traffic at the intersection of Marvin Road and New Town Road until the Roundabout is expected to be installed and operational in at this intersection. Off-duty officers report on Monday-Friday in conjunction with Union County Public Schools schedule from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Register your House Security Alarm

Registering your House Security Alarm became a requirement by ordinance on January 1, 2008, please review the Marvin Code of Ordinances related to the requirement in the False Alarm Ordinance. The registration allows the Marvin Deputy Sheriff to notify you in case of an emergency while you are away from home. Supplying additional contact information or special circumstances are helpful regarding elderly family members living in the home, pets, etc. All information is completely confidential. The House Security Alarm Registration is a free service. Clink on the link House Security Alarm Registration Form to download and fill out. The form can be faxed to the Village Hall at 704.843.1660, Attn: Deputy Tommy Gallis/Deputy Mason Montgomery. The form can be mailed to: Village of Marvin, 10004 New Town Road, Marvin, NC 28173.  The form can be emailed to either or


Safety Update/Crime Prevention Tips

  1. Do not leave anything of value in your vehicles even if they are locked. If it’s worth taking, criminals will break a window or punch the lock. Most of our car Breaking and Entering’s have been to unlocked vehicles with valuables inside. 
  2. If you have an alarm systems, please use them, and if you don’t have one consider getting one installed. Criminals are opportunists and may check many residences until they find one without an alarm, or one that is not being used. If you have an outside electric panel put a lock on it.  We have had a couple cases where perpetrators have shut off the power to bypass the alarm.
  3. If you are not outside, please keep your garage doors closed. We had one case where a resident went into the garage, and interrupted someone going through their car. Thankfully, the person ran off, but this could have had a tragic outcome.    
  4. When replacing or buying new electronics or appliances cut up the cardboard containers, and discard them in the recycle bin. Just like you shopped to purchase these items, criminals shop on trash day looking for packaging sitting right out in the open.

Golf Cart Ordinance                                                                                   

Golf carts are permitted on certain public streets within the Village of Marvin.                                         
Click the link below to download the ordinance which includes a list of approved                                  
streets for golf cart use, along with provisions for operating golf carts, on public streets.    
Golf Cart Ordinance  , see Title VII (Traffic Code), then chapter 73                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Do you need extra surveillance while your away? 

Extra Patrol Requests are available to offer you and your property some additional security while you travel.  You may request that the Marvin Deputy perform additional patrols to your home when you are out of town by filling out an Extra Patrol Form. The Deputy will perform additional drive by inspections as the schedule permits. Click on the link to download the Extra Patrol Request Form.

Radar Trailer Request

You can request to have the Marvin radar trailer placed in your neighborhood or other area where speeding is a problem by filling out a Radar Request Form.  

Ready Gov and Ready NC

Ready Gov and Ready NC are part of a public service advertising campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made disasters. The goal of the campaign is to get the public involved and ultimately to increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation.

Click here for the Ready Gov website.

Click here for the Ready NC website.