Trails and Greenways

The Village Council has been a long proponent of preserving green space and creating opportunities for residents to enjoy nature.  To that end, the Council adopted a Parks and Recreation Greenways map.  This is a long-term planning tool to assist the Council in planning and implementing a viable greenway system.

Currently, the Village has 1.3 miles of an asphalt multi-purpose trail, called the Marvin Loop.  The Loop meanders around Marvin Elementary School and along Marvin and Joe Kerr roads.  The Council hopes to have an additional 1/4 mile developed early this summer.

Plans are currently being developed to finalize the placement and begin construction on a natural greenway trail behind the Tullamore subdivsion.  The trail will be approximately 1 mile long and will meander through the wooded area and open fields behind the neighborhood. It is a beautiful area, with with a flowing creek, large trees, wildlife and meadows.  In addition to the greenway trail, the Council has committed to constructing a parking area at the trailhead for accessibility.

Click here to view the Greenway Map.