The Marvin Village Council decided to begin accepting Marvin subdivision roads for maintenance a few years back. This decision was made with effort of Marvin taking control to maintain strong property values by beginning maintenance of roads, sidewalks, and curbs/gutters; and to begin addressing public safety and traffic concerns within Marvin subdivisions. Every 3-5 years, the Village Engineer assesses all Village roads and rates them based on an array of criteria and advises on the prescribed treatment.  

The current pavement condition surveys can be found below, as approved at Council’s September 8, 2020 meeting:

Marvin Roads Inventory and Ranking

NCDOT Road (inside of Marvin) Inventory and Ranking

Marvin (and NCDOT) Curb/Gutter Inventory and Ranking

2018 Village Engineer 4-year Road Project Plan

Village of Marvin: Engineering Standards and Procedures Manual