Village Council

Village Council
Mayor Joe Pollino                                                   Mayor Pro Tem Kim Vandenberg                               
Term 2021                                                                Term 2021
Councilman Andy Wortman                                 Councilman Bob Marcolese                 Councilman Jamie Lein                                                          
      Term 2021                                                           Term 2023                                            Term 2023

At Large Positions

Mayor Pollino  
Mayor Pro Tem Vandenberg
Liaison to PR&G Board

Council Mission Statement

We strive to create a vibrant community with high quality of life through transparent leadership, efficient governance and responsive services. (adopted 5/28/2020)

Council Vision Statement

The Village of Marvin will be a welcoming and vibrant residential community with amenities that create community, offer recreation and celebrate heritage. (adopted 5/28/2020)

Council Goals

Goal 1: Create spaces for community building, recreation and commerce

  • Identify the open space areas to focus on.
  • Establish a Village Center and A “Gathering Place” for residents.
  • Build and promote areas for family activity with multigenerational amenities.
  • Execute approved plans already in motion and provide more funding to those plans.
  • Achieve open space per capita goal.
  • Establish a welcoming and relevant Village Town Hall.
  • Construct a Village Town Hall to aid in establishing community identity.

Goal 2: Grown the Village strategically and responsibly

  • Maintain Ordinances.
  • Evaluate each residential and business project in accordance with the land use plan.
  • Utilize experts to help guide the Village through the growth and development process.
  • Balance residential growth with family-oriented activity.
  • Promote voluntary annexation.
  • Limit new development.

Goal 3: Promote out historic roots

  • Provide programs with Gene Stone to illustrate the Village history.
  • Establish markers or signs for historical homes, churches, etc.
  • The new Village Town Hall should have the historical information on display.

Goal 4: Maintain our small-town community atmosphere and identity

  • Promote the highlights of the Village and the privilege of being a part of the community.
  • Monitor growth and provide solutions to reduce traffic.
  • Promote the small-town atmosphere character.
  • Generate more opportunities for community events or “get togethers.”
  • Utilize the use of logos, communication mediums, and signage.


General Council Information

The Village of Marvin is chartered as a Mayor-Council form of government and is governed by a Mayor and a four member Council. A nonpartisan election for Mayor is held every two years. Council elections are also nonpartisan and all seats are at-large. Council members are elected for four year terms. The terms are staggered.

The mission of the Council is to represent public interest, to promote efficient, courteous response to residents' concerns and to provide leadership and direction for the Village’s future and to ensure fiscal integrity of the Village.

Village Council meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Village Hall, although some meeting dates have been changed due to conflicts (see meeting schedule).  The public is invited to address the Council at every regular meeting for 3 minutes on any topic. A sign-up sheet is available prior to the regular meeting if you would like to address the board.

A Council work session is typically held the last Thursday of the month at 9 am at the Village Hall.